Saturday, 31 December 2011

Flying Kites

Is it true-
True happiness comes from pain?

Release the string..,
The gentle breeze will ferry you home

Hold strong...
Flying kites
The path is clear,
Take flight-
Run along!!!

Watch as your kite - Begins to soar
Above all others
And higher a little more

Flying kites
You can take away everything

But Mackina's pen,,,
                                                            Handwritten thoughts..
                                                          Is were i draw my might :-)

A Lost Treasure: The Pauper

The Pauper; On a path of self destruction...

Amazed by the negative energies he had been amassing-
Ridiculed, till he let go of a rich fantasty.

Still trying to find his feet..
He cant give back...

Its true- there are certain things I cant handle...
But this is my pain;

Thats why i stand from a safe distance.
And watch destiny unfold
And watch lovers love turn cold
And watch as your grip on reality lose hold

Perhaps the pauper...
Has lost his only treasure,

Perhaps the pauper...
Has abandoned his dream

Perhaps I am the pauper...