Thursday, 21 August 2014

Teamed Up With Mcpotar To Make Video - Where I Belong ft Carlo

On heroes day , I took time to take a photoshoot of my longtime friend Michael "Mcpotar" Mupotaringa. We then decided to shoot the video for Where I Belong , a song that is on his debut EP (The Mcpotar EP). The song is about self discovery i can say and has quite didactic words.  I did the shooting and handed him the footage which he then edited but it was great collaborative work. We have always enjoyed doing work as a team.

Please check out the video below which was dropped on his birthday:

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Systems of Encouragement

Emotional intelligence has become the new commodity essential in the successful execution of goals and achievements of tasks and objectives. An individual’s ability to be aware of their emotions and channel positive energy towards a vision increases their productivity as a student or employee. But perhaps being sensitive to ones feelings is inadequate, perhaps in reality, a person yields more when they obtain approval of their ideas, support for intended innovations or when someone believes in them.
Structures of encouragement help one feel, well eh, encouraged!!! To this end, I propose that we all identify or be more cogniscent of the support systems around us which can always give us that boost that we need to carry on. Some common support systems include the following:

     i.        Better halves and spouses
   ii.        Siblings
 iii.        Friends
  iv.        Places of worship
    v.        Colleagues and classmates
  vi.        Elders and mentors

It is important for one to associate themselves with individuals and groups that help progress them in one way or the other. Perhaps for the extrovert, they may pitch an idea to their counterparts and bounce it off of their minds, and get their two cents as to either adopt it or not, view it in a new light or simply polish it up. For the introvert, they may simply present a scenario, hypothetically and draw friends or colleagues experiences and opinions around the issue at hand. Unfortunately, feedback is not always positive, sometimes it may be negative or destructive, but surely in every statement presented there lies a perspective (informed or ignorant) that can help shape how one can execute their innovation.

We all need someone who has faith in us, as it gives us the peace to continue, knowing that out there, there is someone who believes in us. It may take a simple smile, a gesture of love or the statement: “You can do it!!!” Even in the doldrums of despair and all else looks bleak, an echo of this ensemble “hang in there” can provide the right harmony necessary before one lets loose of the rope and lets go. Perhaps in our moments of despair, when we feel most vulnerable and weak, is where the biggest potential for our strength in character lies.

For instance, when I was penning this article, I asked for my friend’s thoughts on the issue of encouragement, and some encouraged me. One sentiment that was echoed was that encouragement pushes you in the right direction and gives you the confidence in yourself and your abilities because you know someone believes in you and your vision. Another sentiment I got in my mini investigation from my confidante when I asked how one felt encouragement helps them in achieving their dreams was:

“I think encouragement accelerates or gives you momentum to keep on keeping on, because we seldom give up when no one is by the side-lines cheering us on”

Sometimes, encouragement may be stimulated by self through reading. When one seats down and engages in the act of reading, they interact with their creative side, often informing it with a rich exploration of a phenomena based on facts and opinions. Literature The World English Dictionary defines encouragement as being to inspire (someone) with the courage or confidence (to do something) or to stimulate (something or someone to do something) by approval or help. 

So go out there, support someone, encourage them, establish yourself as a support system and become a source of encouragement. Be the inspiration that boosts confidence by lending an ear, if it cannot be the words, let it be the action of being there. Presence is a great present to present a sibling with.

Friday, 9 May 2014

Peace Moves Mountains

Keeping it all together
Even when you have all fallen apart:
Bound by passion
Cemented not by mortar
But by boulders of faith
Watch closely,
Those turbulent tides of tribulations
Shall be replaced by calm waters of peace
Backdropped by clear skies of serenity

Monday, 24 March 2014

Fast Lane

© Ernest Mackina Photography 2014
The past sped by in the fast lane
Surpassed all forms of forgiveness
Clinged onto past pain
He looked at himself in the mirror
And couldn't remember his last name
Paranoia filled his mind, it couldn't trust gain

The road was the sole witness
Harbouring accounts of this conflict fest
Night time came
Night lights unfazed
He became street crazed
Swifter than a QuickSilver in a speed chase

The past sped by in the fast lane
Surpassing all forms of forgiveness
He clinged onto past pain
Looked at himself in the mirror
And couldn't remember his last name

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Standard Chartered

© Ernest Mackina Photography 2014

Chartered by this breathing city
Its Standards are imprinted within me
Withdraw knowledge from its cautious history
Deposit my own difference through this photographic poetry
Improving it’s image through poetics and pictorially
Accounting for each of it’s urbane art accounts
Ensuring each account is accounted for
I’m it’s teller, counting each of it’s dreams
My voice is a stamp that certifies never ending hope
Cause in it’s vault, lies a rich heritage stocked with Exchange Stock
Potential noticed even by Eric Bloch,
Each pavement is an avenue of harmony between swag-chasers and yesteryear’s  folk
Harbouring sons and daughters of right now,
Yesterdays hits, one hit wonders and gurus on whose doors tomorrow knocks
Calm air and clean water, slow at times but never drag your feet when you hit this spot
Slow at times, but not an excuse for your chase to ever stop
Slow at times, but there lies future in the truth, haste your pace, don’t ever flop

Bright lights, my city never sleeps, look outside your window and take a peep

If you slow down and look aside you’ll find out its now next week

Monday, 17 March 2014

In total

The moon crusades through tunneling mottles of clouds
As if to caution mankind to be cautious;
"Take heed, in your pursuit to get there
Do not lose track of what you have here,
Seek not to over value what you are not,
Inversely (tragically) under value what you are
I have see your kind,
At night, their dreams light up my view of your world,
Brighter than Milky Way stars
Fuel your personalities with passion
Shop smartly for the gospel in truth,
In total..."

Image © of Ernest Mackina

I couldn't hear the rest of his ramblings, but in my tracks I stopped, pondered, started to muse... Counted my blessings, and saw that many of them I had abused

Sunday, 9 March 2014


Just like the innocent dreams of a child;

Perch on the prospect of tommorrow
But, for today 
Nullify your sorrow
Image © Ernest Mackina

Just like a star;

In a glistening, brightening way
Let your presence beam the light
Amongst imminent despair.

Wonder of nature
Humble in stature
Hearts you capture
Majestical favour
Mystical enrapture

Love will be that mirage
Your weaknesses camouflaged...
So strive on, in different life forms
Praise He who life is from -
Learn lessons all lifelong
Don't be alone.... Belong.

Saturday, 1 February 2014


Carmel and Centenary Fireworks Display in Bulawayo.
Image © Ernest Mackina 
Shooting in the cold night air
Reaching for stars
A soaring dream sparked to surpass Mars 
Explosive in nature
Sprinkling over boulevards 
Avenues of dreams
Streets of inspiration with anticipation at par 
Our dreams are who we are...

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Letter to #UntitledChronicles

Screenshot of the #UntitledChronicles page -
Dear #UntitledChronicles

I remember when you were born out of frustration, when you were a mere idea and were etched onto script to chronicle reflections of self defeat, self pity. You rescued me from pools of anger, whose depths I had come to know intimately as I had drowned in them countless times.

Today you have taken your own life form, and have given me a voice to air my silent voice, you have been the voice for the silent troubled voices that could not voice their own voice.

You have been ferried by a gentle breeze, in this silence, You where there when#UncleChris gave you advice, you even joked about Street Language being the Currency of stupidity on #Deck. I experienced you skip borders independently to the Sky defying #YourStruggle. You believed in #ServiceAboveSelf and still kept it all together when you had all fallen apart with losses.

You sang of the #FirstRains from your heart and renewed yourself by realising the power of conversation and even gave a verse for harvest. You articulated your expressions well when you wrote a letter to your fourteen year old self and sparked a chain reaction that went beyond the House of Stone.

You pushed me to keep hunting further, through it all you evolved into a force that has since brushed shoulders with Zimbabwean Giants.

Today, 20,000+ hits later, you are 1,000 likes - and I say, congratulations. You saved me and elevated me, you powered my confidence to scale heights taller than me. I put on shades now because our future together is bright.

Wednesday, 22 January 2014


Bulawayo Motoring Club #BurnOut. Image © of Ernest Mackina

Energy burnt and resident in dust

Excitements cloak,
Adrenalins choke,
Crowd screams in awe of the magic reeling off this bloke


Frozen in time, timeously timing for the moment to embark

Monday, 20 January 2014

The Memory of a Song

Image shot and copyright of Ernest Mackina

Frozen in a moment reminiscing about the memory of a song:

Time stood still and protected underneath the shade of Msasa:

Building structures of dreams flawless, designed by hope: