Saturday, 1 February 2014


Carmel and Centenary Fireworks Display in Bulawayo.
Image © Ernest Mackina 
Shooting in the cold night air
Reaching for stars
A soaring dream sparked to surpass Mars 
Explosive in nature
Sprinkling over boulevards 
Avenues of dreams
Streets of inspiration with anticipation at par 
Our dreams are who we are...

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Letter to #UntitledChronicles

Screenshot of the #UntitledChronicles page -
Dear #UntitledChronicles

I remember when you were born out of frustration, when you were a mere idea and were etched onto script to chronicle reflections of self defeat, self pity. You rescued me from pools of anger, whose depths I had come to know intimately as I had drowned in them countless times.

Today you have taken your own life form, and have given me a voice to air my silent voice, you have been the voice for the silent troubled voices that could not voice their own voice.

You have been ferried by a gentle breeze, in this silence, You where there when#UncleChris gave you advice, you even joked about Street Language being the Currency of stupidity on #Deck. I experienced you skip borders independently to the Sky defying #YourStruggle. You believed in #ServiceAboveSelf and still kept it all together when you had all fallen apart with losses.

You sang of the #FirstRains from your heart and renewed yourself by realising the power of conversation and even gave a verse for harvest. You articulated your expressions well when you wrote a letter to your fourteen year old self and sparked a chain reaction that went beyond the House of Stone.

You pushed me to keep hunting further, through it all you evolved into a force that has since brushed shoulders with Zimbabwean Giants.

Today, 20,000+ hits later, you are 1,000 likes - and I say, congratulations. You saved me and elevated me, you powered my confidence to scale heights taller than me. I put on shades now because our future together is bright.