Sunday, 1 January 2012

Became a statistic

Became a statistic
He became a statistic
Over the festivities,
A death to become insignificant - got counted as a road fatality
What was a joyride became tragic
And yet the parents never knew but now they had
Funeral imminent, replacing tears of joy
Now tears of watching the coffin going down for this boy
Said he became a statistic, fatalities that the roads were seeing
Happy over the limits till one was limited
To eating from straws or having food mashed instead
A time of celebration can easily be transformed to a morning
Were the colour is black
And the gathering is mourning
And then we come back to ask what caused it
We forgot to stay alert when it mattered the most and now we hurt
Living for the moment was never flawless
Jumping all the other stages like being sick
One wrong move caused so many deaths
And to us that just became another statistic