Monday, 20 May 2013

Conscience (By Miss Tarie Anna)

Dear C
I thought we were friends
But you are right-
I drifted away.
O it is true that
I neglected you.
‘N’ I do know
I wouldn’t listen to you.
Now I S ee you lying there
Motionless, emotionless
C aring not to heed
To my desperate cries.
I need you again, please, your
E ar, incline
I N udge you, oh do respond;
C ease this ghastly coup d’├ętat,
E ase me from my plight!

When you sleep
The world goes horribly wrong!
I know I should weep
But rather I dance to a foreign song.
Who am I, This being with no meaning?
Will I be the same; shall I find my healing?

My friend that is me;
Come on Conscience
I need you- can't you see?
Heart stops; mind blocks:
Is she really dead?
Conscience; Conscience!
Won't you answer me??

Bitter-sweet relief, sweat on my brow;
Dammit, Conscience-
I can see you breathe!
Conscience, dear Conscience, won't you come and rescue me?

Poem done by guest #UntitledChronicles Author: Anna T Gowera (Miss Tarie Anna)
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