Thursday, 12 September 2013

Sinner's Guilt By Nomthandazo Moyo

The steaming water burns my body in my attempt to bathe my conscience clean. The soap doesn't foam as much as it should, nor do my hands rub vigorously enough to wash my guilt away.
Artificial Water Spring © Ernest Mackina (2013)

More soap, just enough to musk the smell of last nights' transgressions.
Every splash, drop and bubble erases the odour of delinquency

The towel is far too soft to scour the blame off.
Maybe, just maybe I will feel a little less remorse.

Who am i trying to fool? This is just a futile attempt to undo a mistake yet I know I can not. The guilt is one i will carry with me forever.

P.S I hate this part right here.

Poem by Nomthandazo Moyo
Images © Ernest Mackina

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Colour of my voice By Nomthandazo Moyo

Ronald Mackina © Ernest Mackina (2013)

The colour of my voice

The distinct colour of my words.
A shade depicting my moods and thoughts;
Or maybe its a entire spectrum 
Artistically painted into a masterpiece of my character.

The pitch, the sound
The harmony I reflect.
My joy translated into a dyed canvas

But wait, 
My anger paints my bliss.
Shouting, screaming; my volume raised.
Echoes trembling, my texture roughened.
Sulky responses and muted thoughts,
Elation thoroughly masked

Bursts of pigments escape my lips.
Tainted from deep within.

Question is 
Is my colour constantly changing?
or is it different shades of one?

Poem:  © Nomthandazo Moyo