Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Kind Sir Mr Moon

Dangling in the air
Without a care
Leaving its graffiti inscribing mark : Find me anywhere

Tell me, Oh kind Sir Mr Moon
What it's like to watch over the whole galaxy
it's inhabitants
And still be alone?

Tell Me, Oh Kind Sir Mr Moon,
What its like to be in orbit of Earth,
To be in synchronous rotation of Planet Earth
To show only one face (many others you choose to unearth)
The Moon © Ernest Mackina (2013)

Tell Me, Oh kind Sir Mr Moon
What its like to be second fiddle
In brightness after the sun;
Yet you are always there?

Tell me, Oh kind sir Mr Moon
How your mere presence inspired many a technological innovation 
and sparked even more mythology

Maybe, Kind sir Mr Moon
I should not ask you,
Maybe as I dig into this fish-tuna
The answers to the questions I ask
May not lie with you
But with madame Luna

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