Thursday, 2 February 2012

The senior lecturer

The senior lecturer.

Class room set –up. 
A blackboard, not even black, but clean. I wiped it clean, with a duster. 

“I have used three words that people often confuse… Are you effective? Are you achieving an intended result? Live with a purpose, aim to attain solid goals, are they there?” 

The elderly lecturer paces about the front of the class. Producing children’s books that make their way round the class. He stresses a point. He stops for a huge pause, then scribbles onto the board with a piece of white chalk. The bragging begins, with a distinct sense of nostalgia and archaic illustrations painting an ideal past, one that had no flaws. 

“I am established, really I am, blah blah blah” 

Get past this, it’s all in the past, time’s passed and you can-not pass through time with this. He sums up the lecture, then classically concludes like a liberation struggle icon: 

“Stay relevant, my people perish because of the lack of knowledge”