Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Classic Calendar

Calendar at Bulawayo Club © Ernest Mackina (2013)

On a cold Thursday, comforted by the sharp rays of the midday sun, I walked on the gloomy streets and breathed the dry air which was decorated by dusty particles, the kind that would easily choke any sense of hope. 

I was kept company by my companion pessimism whose character was strengthened by previous seasons of sombre tragedies and memories of melancholic moments.

Maybe, just maybe - hope lies in the mind, maybe, the right thought would saturate surroundings into an atmosphere of optimism, which one day would in condenses into pregnant clouds of appreciations, and precipitate torrents of trust, maybe... just maybe, it may start with this thought:

"These are the good times in our lives

So throw on a smile, it will be alright"

I would like to know how this classic calendar has stood through time, I asked how it braved generational cases of sadness, and as I looked at it's vintage wisdom, it replied:

"Time heals all wounds"