Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Standard Chartered

© Ernest Mackina Photography 2014

Chartered by this breathing city
Its Standards are imprinted within me
Withdraw knowledge from its cautious history
Deposit my own difference through this photographic poetry
Improving it’s image through poetics and pictorially
Accounting for each of it’s urbane art accounts
Ensuring each account is accounted for
I’m it’s teller, counting each of it’s dreams
My voice is a stamp that certifies never ending hope
Cause in it’s vault, lies a rich heritage stocked with Exchange Stock
Potential noticed even by Eric Bloch,
Each pavement is an avenue of harmony between swag-chasers and yesteryear’s  folk
Harbouring sons and daughters of right now,
Yesterdays hits, one hit wonders and gurus on whose doors tomorrow knocks
Calm air and clean water, slow at times but never drag your feet when you hit this spot
Slow at times, but not an excuse for your chase to ever stop
Slow at times, but there lies future in the truth, haste your pace, don’t ever flop

Bright lights, my city never sleeps, look outside your window and take a peep

If you slow down and look aside you’ll find out its now next week

Monday, 17 March 2014

In total

The moon crusades through tunneling mottles of clouds
As if to caution mankind to be cautious;
"Take heed, in your pursuit to get there
Do not lose track of what you have here,
Seek not to over value what you are not,
Inversely (tragically) under value what you are
I have see your kind,
At night, their dreams light up my view of your world,
Brighter than Milky Way stars
Fuel your personalities with passion
Shop smartly for the gospel in truth,
In total..."

Image © of Ernest Mackina

I couldn't hear the rest of his ramblings, but in my tracks I stopped, pondered, started to muse... Counted my blessings, and saw that many of them I had abused