Sunday, 30 December 2012

Life from thoughts

Beside the fireplace,
With the melody of crackles of the flames as his sole companion:

A servant to his mind,
His life saved by his thoughts -
His desire quenched by a double malt;
Tamed on the rocks.

His state of mind?
Asking himself-
Is this déjà vu?

His thoughts have come to being.
Classic paintings, camouflaging the sense of success,
Simultaneously accentuated
by the scent of achievement.
In his head- where it all emanated.

The quality of his thoughts,
Determined his life...

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Dear Paranoia...

Paranoia is that substance that fuels my existence,
It is the fibre that has built my survival;
A tamed curiosity passed down from lineages and dynasties to my present self;
A descendant of human kind - The Neanderthal
Striking resemblance to the Sapien in the modern age
Dampened curiosity with customized sanity

Experiences experienced  to usher in a new experience,
Fostering a timid character;
Shy of risk and blossoming in calculation...
Thriving in anticipating possibilities,
Sharp of probabilities.

Where art thou paranoia?
You  reside in my heart,
In the apartment next to my fears.
You engineer my thoughts and lubricate them with truth,
You initiate my actions and punctuate them with caution.
You lace my interactions with colleagues with spices of discipline,
You ground my feet when I think of throwing caution to the wind.

Dear paranoia:
I thought I’d let you know –
Because of you, I think twice before the first kiss.

Because of you paranoia –
I seat in the center and strap my seat belt in case I accidentally fall in love.

Because of you paranoia
I walk with a locket on my necklace so maybe time will hang around me.

Because of you paranoia –
I wear two wrist watches
So maybe I can have time on my side.

So today paranoia I thank you
Why? You may ask
Simply put:

Thanks to you paranoia,
I strike the panic button when I do not walk in a straight line.
Thanks to you paranoia,
The first detail I capture when I get into a room
Is not her radiant smile;
But the location of the fire extinguisher

Because of you paranoia,
I imagine how many steps it would take for me to reach the emergency exit
Its thanks to you… 
My dear heart’s inhabitant
That I looked four times to the side before I crossed the street
To seat down and write this letter to you...