Thursday, 12 July 2012

In The Heat of An Argument

In the heat of an argument..

In the heat of an argument...
I can feel your heart beat next to me!!!

In the heat of an argument: 
Your eyes are blood shot red and you burn with anger,
Rage boils up inside of you!
Your pupils dilate, 
And stare right into mine 
Almost as if to see right through me...

Tears seem to want to burst, 
But are kept inside, with the potential energy to curl into a thunderstorm...

In the heat of an argument: 
Blood pushes,
 To catch up with your breathing, 
You pant with rage: 
Enough to tear up a strong love.

Sanity does not prevail ,
A heartbreak is imminent... 
A break up is probable, 
A compromise- unreachable 
A hurt soul- inevitable... 

Empathy is lost, 
Manners are made a history lesson in the past. 

Glasses fall down and  shatter into thousands of pieces...

An instrument of love loses its notes 
lying broken on the ground... 

All of this
In the heat of an argument