Saturday, 26 January 2013

Lady in a Blue Dress

Lady in the dress (blue)
Facial looks silk and surreal
Foxy glare so real
Grays-cale digress
In touch with a fashion sense
Fragrance of success
Wearing a winner's scent
In winter's accent:
Icy swag masking 

One, two, step two steps down the stair case
A case of stairs stepped by a pair of stilettos
One step forward: a grip of emancipation
Taking flight from the dresses curtain of calm
Stilettos : fragile balance speaking elegance
Stilettos: studded with shiny studs of chic
Stilettos: strapped and buckled to an ankles take off
One two step, two steps down the stair case -

A case of a pair of stilettos

* © All photographs copyrights are reserved to owner - Harvey Binamu*
* Photographer - Harvey Binamu*
* Model - Tapiwa Kupfuwa *

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Letter to my fourteen year old self

First letter to my fourteen year old self:

I look at your picture with those hazel eyes that twinkle and sparkle dampened spirits to renewed hopes. Young and innocent; a spitting image of what I once was. Looking at this picture is like staring at a mirror with time travel features, a moment I reel in. Your teenage mind, clean of the corruption of images of delinquency and flashes of truancy but instead has na├»ve dreams that have not been gunned down by the gravity of reality. Since this is my first letter to you, I’ll try keeping it short –
I know that you don’t hurt like I do, even though we look the same (you are better looking than I am), We share the same dreams, both fulfilled and unfulfilled and that’s how I recognize you.

I envy your freedom,
Yearn your innocence with a sense of nostalgia
Miss your freedom to be innocent…
Endless opportunities and the beauty in your youth

Sitting back here on this old bed whose dreams we share, I can’t help but flashback to the time I was you. Reminiscing about you is a memory I celebrate and every-time I stare at this picture, it’s like I am going through old belongings and reading old scraps of poems I would scribble during break time and prep recess. Here is some advice from your twenty four year old self:

Seek motivation;
Yearn wisdom;
Obtain understanding;
Chose reason over emotion;
Think in the heat of an argument;
Celebrate the first rains;
Write a letter to paranoia;
Realize the power of conversations;
Realize that ‘old house’ is your home;
Appreciate your taste in music;
Realize your greatest strength lies in these words;
Realize that it’s this silence that your thoughts are so violent;
Wait for the gentle breeze... and listen to it.

Please remember, my dear fourteen year old self:

Pursue truth
Advance knowledge
Calculate danger
Anticipate love
Install faith
Always believe
Be earnest.

Don’t forget, my dear fourteen year old self:
Be earnest;
Yes honest;
Contemplate righteousness
Hurt less
Be earnest

I’m Ernest you are me... so don’t give up on we.

Twenty four year old self.

***Inspired by Miss Tsitsi Hazel* **