Monday, 11 June 2012

It's This Silence...

As I walked in...

I did not feel:

Welcome ululation,

Or whispers of gossip-
That would ferry me from the portal
To the chair i wished to sit on.
Just silence...
Silence never heard before.
Its this silence that embraced me.
An improper substitute;
Lacking substance, reality or fibre-
In any emotional proof!
Camouflaged, hidden
Lacing the truth
***Just Silence ***
Without a glimpse of who is fooling who
Dealing with the old
Fusing with the new
Encircled around reality-
***This silence***
Subtracted myths,
To make truth the jewel!
***This silence***
Demystified mysteries,
So they could mysteriously create new mysteries...
Its this same silence
That mocked the truth by deception;
That took a ride on gossips effigy;
***Its this silence***

That ferried to my seat;
That welcomed me.
***Its this silence***
That you hear;
That I write;
That you read
***Its this silence***
That we live by
And never let those that matter know how much they mean to us.
So much said
Without a whisper made