Monday, 2 April 2012

Is It True?

                                                      Tell me something...
                                 Is it true that you can laugh everything away?

                           That you and I can ; Isolate ourselves from reality
                                                     To share a laugh?

                                    Up the anthill...surrounded by others,
                                 Futile in their attempts to get to the apex

                                     (A place were only you and I reside)
        Watch me - chattering frantically as my hands rigorously let loose and clasp the air (motion)

                Your retaliation; Looking down upon me, bickering with your tail lacking action

                       Your fur masks the stupidity that we both posses, yet we still laugh
                                                      At the apex of the anthill
                                                  Oh how life has turned out...

                         Our environment - a small shrub that teases our hunger
                                                        Two more like us

In a Savannah whose hope lies in the depths of the waters of the lake - not more than a stone throw  away
                                              Come we shall laugh it all off

                                                         After all senior...

                               It is true that you can laugh everything away!!!


  1. This poem was the first article in the 'Photographic Poetry' series and was simply inspired by the picture that you see above. Please read and enjoy, feel free to share with others and review, comment, post and follow.

    Kind Regards

    Mackina the Poet

  2. !!!, Reminds me of many a senior -not just those two. After all