Monday, 2 April 2012

Daddy's Gone

Daddy's gone

She grows up being labelled "damaged goods"
Is this because of an absent father?

Or the presence of an abusive stepfather
That scars her for life

Brand her incapable
Of forming a deep emotional bond

The only bonds kept together
Are those of suspicion and naivety

Her heart:
A bottomless pit of emotional need

And the worst part comes next,
It can not be filled!

The absence of a father or the relation with her daddy
Gave her daddy issues

Everytime daddy came around,
She would have to get "daddy make me cry" tissues

What do you expect?
No self respect

She can't bream
With a high self esteem
Bringing the heat as they second as drama queens

Its valid to say
They seek to validate through seeking attention
Validation: the act that masks real insecurities

On the surface: looking calm
On the surface:

An illusion
So don't ignore their emotional need

Lest they render their cunning abilities, their propensity to manipulate, their capability to exploit, they are cynic

So it seems
Shattered dreams,

Constantly in denial...
Lowered self esteem

The ones who care less have the most power...