Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Letter to my fourteen year old self

First letter to my fourteen year old self:

I look at your picture with those hazel eyes that twinkle and sparkle dampened spirits to renewed hopes. Young and innocent; a spitting image of what I once was. Looking at this picture is like staring at a mirror with time travel features, a moment I reel in. Your teenage mind, clean of the corruption of images of delinquency and flashes of truancy but instead has na├»ve dreams that have not been gunned down by the gravity of reality. Since this is my first letter to you, I’ll try keeping it short –
I know that you don’t hurt like I do, even though we look the same (you are better looking than I am), We share the same dreams, both fulfilled and unfulfilled and that’s how I recognize you.

I envy your freedom,
Yearn your innocence with a sense of nostalgia
Miss your freedom to be innocent…
Endless opportunities and the beauty in your youth

Sitting back here on this old bed whose dreams we share, I can’t help but flashback to the time I was you. Reminiscing about you is a memory I celebrate and every-time I stare at this picture, it’s like I am going through old belongings and reading old scraps of poems I would scribble during break time and prep recess. Here is some advice from your twenty four year old self:

Seek motivation;
Yearn wisdom;
Obtain understanding;
Chose reason over emotion;
Think in the heat of an argument;
Celebrate the first rains;
Write a letter to paranoia;
Realize the power of conversations;
Realize that ‘old house’ is your home;
Appreciate your taste in music;
Realize your greatest strength lies in these words;
Realize that it’s this silence that your thoughts are so violent;
Wait for the gentle breeze... and listen to it.

Please remember, my dear fourteen year old self:

Pursue truth
Advance knowledge
Calculate danger
Anticipate love
Install faith
Always believe
Be earnest.

Don’t forget, my dear fourteen year old self:
Be earnest;
Yes honest;
Contemplate righteousness
Hurt less
Be earnest

I’m Ernest you are me... so don’t give up on we.

Twenty four year old self.

***Inspired by Miss Tsitsi Hazel* **


  1. i salute u sir, award winning material


  2. Thank you Shepphie Shamu, much appreciated

  3. thandekile p mguni30 January 2013 at 10:57

    Wow a masterpiece , rily out laying the joy of being a care free 14 year old


    1. Thandekile Mguni

      Life was much easier back then, we did not have to worry
      much about the mobile phone we ownned or the pictures
      we posted on social networks, so carefree and innocent
      Thank you once again

  4. This one is also my other favourate so far, can almost picture e 14yr old you.

    1. Dear Ndia

      Well, am glad you like this one as well!!!
      Don't forget to share with friends as well.

  5. We want more!!!!

    1. Dear Miss Biti

      And more you will get, watch this space trust me!

  6. Ariel----- Mackina !! this is great. I could Mesmerize the content in the poem. Wish you could go on and on!!!!! Keep it up.

    1. Mr Muvhunzwi!!!

      Yes papa I appreciate you taking time out of your
      busy schedule to view this poetic space.
      I will be documenting your ideas into action
      very soon. Thank you for the encouragement big bro

  7. Fantastic!! This one takes the cake for me... and shares a piece with "Reason versus Emotion" :) But as for the cream, give it to this guy right here!

    1. Tary Anna

      Lovely Alias you have there!!!
      So this one has dethroned the work
      we once put in together back then?
      To me, 'Reason versus Emotion'
      Has stood out quite well for me
      We should do a reprise of it
      Thank you for coming by
      An appreciation by a lyrical guru like you
      is very encouraging

  8. I like what im readin and hearin in my mind, not so sure the 14 year olds of today are as care free as we were back in the day

  9. wow how so i wish

  10. Don't we all envy those times? Free from stress, and innocent. Sent me into contemplation!