Thursday, 24 May 2012

Taste in Music

I have such a good taste in music...
Every time my thoughts speak
My tongue spits lyrics!!!

Sometimes my heart sings -
To  its beats' instrumental

But this song pumps through without vocals,
But this song plays in my head so its mental

But this song carries me on, 
So now I call it "Special"

Like life -
Like my love life's right
It's life - like so in turn I love life
When the melody is produced by notes struck right!!!

Fluid rhythms from a  set piece
Brass and strings
Percussion and woodwind
Harmoniously produced in harmony,
By harmonicas
Played by the brunette from across the street Lisa Monica

Flutes sound so mellow
Bright days and daisies yellow
Reminders and real tests of mettle
As hard as a bow on a cello
While you go high on my poems like stilettos
Painting Bulawayo with words from burbs to the ghetto

Charming pieces of music in me
Possessing elements of Mozart earnestly
My palms are annotated with notations
Of half notes and sixteen quotes
That's why I communicate my passion
Through all these blogger posts:

Music is the race
So I play the sport

Music is the race, 
So I carry the torch