Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Sometimes, this time...


Like this one time,

Once this time,

I felt it was time, but some time...
At once, some time
I ran the mountain with my feet bare,
Spread my arms, and embraced the sky.

I felt it kiss me back, through the whispers of the wind
The gentle breeze ferried petals,
Petals that spoke of peace and serenity:
Creating a halo in the form of my future love

So now, this time..
At this time,
This time and not some time.

I'm thankful
I arrived to half past on time,
Just in time to sketch handwritten thoughts
"This time"


  1. i arrived to half past on time at this blog...thought provoking hey

  2. A play of words indeed...so creative...

  3. why is it short,its on point though.

  4. Ratherfort Chiutani
    You actually arrived a minute past time *Chuckles*, thats the aim of the whole platform here at UntitledChronicles, Provoking thought

    Freeman Pasurai
    Thank you very much for joining the UntitledChronicles and for going through this article, much apreciated. Do you have your creation I also follow you?

    Thank you so so so much

    What direction did you think it should have taken? *Taking down notes* Thanks

  5. "Spreading my wings and embracing the sky",how awesome,symbol of happiness,a hug enriched with love,joy,comfort from Heaven!!! Right Mr Mackina this is marvellous work,but this tym you left me hoping to get a continuation of this poem!!