Monday, 11 June 2012

It's This Silence...

As I walked in...

I did not feel:

Welcome ululation,

Or whispers of gossip-
That would ferry me from the portal
To the chair i wished to sit on.
Just silence...
Silence never heard before.
Its this silence that embraced me.
An improper substitute;
Lacking substance, reality or fibre-
In any emotional proof!
Camouflaged, hidden
Lacing the truth
***Just Silence ***
Without a glimpse of who is fooling who
Dealing with the old
Fusing with the new
Encircled around reality-
***This silence***
Subtracted myths,
To make truth the jewel!
***This silence***
Demystified mysteries,
So they could mysteriously create new mysteries...
Its this same silence
That mocked the truth by deception;
That took a ride on gossips effigy;
***Its this silence***

That ferried to my seat;
That welcomed me.
***Its this silence***
That you hear;
That I write;
That you read
***Its this silence***
That we live by
And never let those that matter know how much they mean to us.
So much said
Without a whisper made


  1. Its that silence
    Yet so quiet-
    The thoughts are loud!

    So clear your voice- they have already judged,
    A judgment passed in silence- whilst you were silent...

    ***Its this silence***
    That caused me to choke when i held the microphone

    That laughed out loud,
    and ridiculed me
    Till i was forced to map my way home...

    Its this silence
    When surrounded by many

    But realise you all alone...
    Its this silence...
    That made me a better person
    Cause i was silently forced to focus on self

    Its that silence:
    Others labelled it rude
    As it was delivered unorthodox and crude-

    But thats not news,
    To me, this silence
    Gave me a fortress
    Gave me a place of solitude

    Silence to become absolutely
    Yet louder than sounds of sirens
    Causing more commotion than scenes of violence
    Caught in a trance
    Of a frozen moment
    Continued existence
    In profound silence...

    Its this silence

  2. I love it, nothing as loud as silence my friend

  3. its this silence that made me comment
    i bet its this silence that made you write this!

  4. what were you saying here dude-
    "But realise you all alone...
    Its this silence...
    That made me a better person
    Cause i was silently forced to focus on self"

    were you silent iwe?

  5. @Sheppie Shamu Thank you my fellow writing counterpart, I feel the conversations we have with ourselves yield so much creativity and open paths to genius innovations...

  6. @Sipho Shava, its this silence that made me write this alright, alone and and surrounded by thoughts, I just had to handwrite them!!!

  7. @King Kin... well, I was silent, you just never saw it!!! Thanks for following the blog, please share with others and encourage them to also join and share with others

    1. Its always my pleasure, will continue to do so. got you

  8. i saw the piece and heard the silence. Its a masterpiece, a piece of the master. I felt the chilling silence as i read it, to tell the truth, the piece is an oxymoron and i like it that way. It talks of the violence administered by lack of reaction. When 1 is expecting jubilation, or even an inferno, bt all they get is... 'nothing'. To be thats the worst kind of war 1 cn get, and u portray it perfctly. I love the piece, cnt take away anyting frm it.

    1. Eden Chisvo
      Thank you for the review, much appreciated, how are things coming up on your end otherwise? Seeing you soon I guess, whats the address to the new blog?