Friday, 22 June 2012

These words...

These words we say...
Statements we make,

Leave paper trials,
And distinct scents.

Imprinted in the filters of our heads,
Better lying unsaid.

Words better kept,
Rather unsaid.

Actions kept to script,
Rather than acted out on stage.

Comments better never pasted,
Message un-typed, letters unread.

Voices never pledged, 
And words better unsaid.

Only filled with regret,
Left to learn only from this mistake.

Left to learn from what I said,

These words we say, are better left unsaid!!!


  1. Words, like virginity, once said can not be undone. In the 21st Century, an era where everybody has the potential to be heard through such mediums as Web 2.0 applications, the price of the liberty of the tongue comes with a tag of consequencies.

    This piece sought to act as a reminder, a statement of the obvious... What we say does not vanish, but one stands for future reference.

    Watch your words, you might become a servant to them, read and enjoy... please share as well

  2. *speechless*
    i have decided to withhold the amusement and appreciation i felt over this piece but what i do want to say is this is an amazing piece! Well done

  3. Miss Mars

    Ypour contributions continue to be invaluable and continue to inspire. I humbly thank you for your continued support.

  4. i could not have said it better....wish everyone could be aware of the impact of what they say and carefully select things that come out of their ths


    1. Love Hurts

      Thank you for visiting this piece. Words carry a lot of weight and once they are said sometimes can not be reversed!!!

  5. words slowly become actions and the more we juss talk without really thinking the more we turn out bad...words either build or break us

  6. the things we say define us in more ways than one