Monday, 25 March 2013

Uncle Chris' Advice

I had a heartfelt conversation with my Uncle Chris recently as we brought out the practicality of 'Realising the Power of Conversation'. See it is very essential to surround yourself with individuals who pack a lot of wisdom, such that when their experience speaks, your naive mind shuts up and listens. The following post is a snapshot of the interaction, I hope it will empower you, as much as it did me.
Chris explained: 

People are so consumed in being loved and not loving themselves. The pastor re- iterated once : 

'Discover yourself first'

My nephew, people are pre- occupied with following other people, yet there is more to life than attaining a wife, kids and a career. One needs to set time to discover themselves and engage in soliloqueys with their heart and soul. Embark on nature walks asking yourself:

 'What do I want?' 
and then answer:
'What do I really want?'

Chris went on in his trance of truth: 

I find it hard to befrend people who do not have their own lives, people that know not their real selves. Nephew, you need to discover what makes you tick. I have a long list of friends who live their own dreams who are not confined by their boundaries but are inspired to break new ground.

People defer their dreams like there is something that is stopping them. The school counsellor once broke down and advised me

'My child -my child, life is lived in the today, right here and now' 

He was adamnant in his lecture and went on;

 I hate people who mop around being born disadvantaged, the world has 9 billion plus citizens, what makes your case more peculiar? Never wallow in self pity, its time wasting. If you want to change, do something, Period.

Got me thinking. Did it get you thinking?

Wholly inspired by Uncle Chris

Photos courtesy of

Judy Kinney


  1. I have a close friend of mine who more or less always tells me the same thing. Wise uncle you have.

  2. I love this article. I share the same views. There's more to life than what society conventionally puts upon us. Happy blogging -->

  3. very true..wise words indeed......

  4. "Never wallow in self pity, it's time wasting," Very true indeed, it's more like worrying, they always say worry is like a rocking chair, keeps you moving but never gets you anywhere.