Thursday, 12 July 2012

In The Heat of An Argument

In the heat of an argument..

In the heat of an argument...
I can feel your heart beat next to me!!!

In the heat of an argument: 
Your eyes are blood shot red and you burn with anger,
Rage boils up inside of you!
Your pupils dilate, 
And stare right into mine 
Almost as if to see right through me...

Tears seem to want to burst, 
But are kept inside, with the potential energy to curl into a thunderstorm...

In the heat of an argument: 
Blood pushes,
 To catch up with your breathing, 
You pant with rage: 
Enough to tear up a strong love.

Sanity does not prevail ,
A heartbreak is imminent... 
A break up is probable, 
A compromise- unreachable 
A hurt soul- inevitable... 

Empathy is lost, 
Manners are made a history lesson in the past. 

Glasses fall down and  shatter into thousands of pieces...

An instrument of love loses its notes 
lying broken on the ground... 

All of this
In the heat of an argument


  1. In the millions of conversations we have each and every day, its very ease to snap and find our breaking point.

    Because it is within our nature to be defensive, protective, arguments (which may emanate from differing views and simple debate) are inevitable.

    In this piece, the author sought to freeze the actual "heat of an argument" and try to elaborate on the explicit emotions that wil be running through and the possible extent to which following actions may lead.

    As you read, please pause and think for a second, are you this argumentative?
    Please enjoy, share, copy and let Mackina's Handwritten thoughts be heard!!!

  2. Inspiring sony, keep it up!!!im proud of you!Kaluva

  3. Pay attention to an angry person. That's when they show their true colours.

  4. Well written. I like the honesty in this one

  5. The intensity is so real. Nothin wishy washy about emotions of an angry person. N u expressd them to the tee! That wch we al go thru but hardly realise we are

  6. well written. its so real and i can relate to that...

  7. Cal Phiri
    Thank you very much Papa, siyabonga

    Sean D
    Much appreciated fam

    Bongani Zikhali - Ncube
    Normally thats a mammoth task because they will be so enraged nothing can cool them down, on the other hand your yourself will not be in a position to do anything.

    Mrs Mlilo
    Thank you very much Mam'odala, It took an incident to think in this light, hence the honesty

    Miss Hellen Masango
    Indeed we never realise, and thats just how sad it is hey, all the same, I guess this is what defines us, how we handle those situations hey...

    Thank you so very much, for following the blog and reading the article. Kindly give me more pointers in others

  8. wow bra!! u gt sm nice stuff goin dwn mate
    thumbs up pal!!! all the way

    1. Hows it going on your end <

      Thank you for going through the blog, please keep on supporting it will keep posting items