Wednesday, 7 March 2012

A Legacy of Excellence

Here, have a drink
Let me give you Alcohol's Ode


A social lubricant;
A legacy of excellence!!!

An old anti-dote;
To society’s dissimilarities…

Unity through Vodka?
Thank the Russians!

We have become one brand
Through glasses of brandy,

Gullibly amalgamated,
Over a tot of whisky.

Gossip forgotten,
Three ciders later

And finally,
A bond created over a mug of beer!!!

From kegs to calabashes
Dissimilarities celebrated

Friction squashed
Myths quashed

Clear or opaque
Beer celebrates differences
And does not question your DNA make

Smooth or thick
Ciders can make the shy to speak
Aperitifs’ can sit you down for a lesson to teach

Original or fake
Wine accommodates all, of all skins it takes

Matured or dry
Sherry tells no lies

Cool down your spirits
Let me hand you a spirit cooler

A social lubricant

Is indeed a legacy of excellence!!!

1 comment:

  1. Well, no review here, just read, appreciate how alcohol brings society together... enjoy

    Mackina Ernest