Monday, 13 February 2012

Fourteenth of Feb

So what if tomorrow is valentines day?

An extract from my script of heart breaks- all of them handwritten by Ernest...
On the floor lays shattered glass,
I threw the chocolate box out:
No,- look through the trash
The roses, a dried up bouquet at the bottom of the wall they smashed...

Even my mother said i don't need to lie, she can tell it from my face...

This young lady failed to save face
Now you try to look in my eye and see a poker- face
I'm frozen on the floor, numb-, aching even my torso lucky enough my Van Heusen Suit is'nt torn

Thats what this young lady did, she knocked me down
So now you know why they call Mackina :The Kid

So what if tomorrow is valentines day???
Thats just a decoy!!

1 comment:

  1. woooooooww awesome critism ryt here,sarcasm in its best i wonder what did most of my fellow friends get ysterday since it was valentines