Monday, 10 June 2013

Our Very Own Van Gogh by Tebo Ndlovu

Our Very Own Van Gogh by Tebo Ndlovu

With complete abandon,
He loved to talk about
His latest 'masterpiece'
Raising high his hopes for
That one that will catch the king's eye.

But the king
- his Majesty's eyes stayed occupied
When the young lad
Came knocking at the palace gate
And so would begin the journey back home
On which was the carpenter's son:
Swinging the window agape
Joked "Come back tomorrow!"
And the merchant's daughter
Giggling due to the strange imagery
The product of the artist's brush strokes.

It made him angry and happy
When they turned up their noses
Because he felt in pictures
And would set to work
Painting his feelings
Laying out a maybe-magnum opus.

One night the snow
Fell too hard
Our 'van Gogh' journeying
From the carpenter's cottage.
They found him the next morning;
The chill of the blizzard
Had reached into his bones
And history states
He dropped to the white dirt
Frozen solid, face-down

We gathered
All through that week
Weeping, celebrating, reflecting
He perished trying
Our van Gogh
Never did shred a painting
Hurl a tantrum
Or shorten his own life.

The merchant's wife
Purchased the first painting
Only within four fortnights
The queen another
The village beauty yet another
And the carpenter's son?
His father carved an easel
Ornate and new under the sun
In honor of our fallen hero
We bestowed upon him a high honor:
Inscribed 'our van Gogh'
On the gray tombstone
Bid farewell
To our definition of the fairer version
Of the real supernova.

Poem is a Copyright © 2013 of  Tebogo Ndlovu. Tebogo  is a global citizen hailing from Zimbabwe and a never ending source of inspiration to me, and has scaled heights in the field of writing and has won accolades for her outstanding strength of character. She is currently based in Georgia, Atlanta in the United States of America making strides in her studies in Engineering.

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