Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Colour of my voice By Nomthandazo Moyo

Ronald Mackina © Ernest Mackina (2013)

The colour of my voice

The distinct colour of my words.
A shade depicting my moods and thoughts;
Or maybe its a entire spectrum 
Artistically painted into a masterpiece of my character.

The pitch, the sound
The harmony I reflect.
My joy translated into a dyed canvas

But wait, 
My anger paints my bliss.
Shouting, screaming; my volume raised.
Echoes trembling, my texture roughened.
Sulky responses and muted thoughts,
Elation thoroughly masked

Bursts of pigments escape my lips.
Tainted from deep within.

Question is 
Is my colour constantly changing?
or is it different shades of one?

Poem:  © Nomthandazo Moyo

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