Friday, 2 March 2012

House of Stone

The House of stone - 

A conical tower;
Standing more than a thousand stones tall.
Royal works expressing native majesty
No foreign dilutions in the creation of this dome.
Towers iconically standing in the shape of a cone.

Fort Victoria: built on a fortress
Poised for warriors victory!
Fifteenth century Mutapa;
The Rozvi
Laying in granites layers - builders of stone talking an untold story
Of Great Zimbabwe's glory
When the fortress crumbled, blood was spilled and it became untold gory
Tribes that went on to reside
Shielded their integrity using cow hides
Kings, Princes ruling over multitudes of lives
In the age of Iron
A time when a royal fist was best fit by this palace

A nation,
Held together
Standing tall...No mortar!
Dzimba dza Mabwe -
House whose foundations tremble with granite

Ancient civilisation
An Iron-smith's ingenuity.
The Africa's pay tribute:
Ode to this formidable repository of our cultural heritage!

The writer is wise (Earnestly)
The kingdom of Zimbabwe, immortalized by eight birds
That flew away in cages to lands unknown
Slowly making their way back home
Wondering if they ever will...
Slipped away like soapstones
Carved - chirps of glory
...splinter the people ordinary

- Ransacked by mercenaries.

I tried this level to reach this
Amazed of African riches
You won't believe this
Sowing seeds of gold
Such that granite steps would glow

Nyatsimba Mutota!!!
I cant believe such a great empire would fall!?

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  1. Formerly known in the settler era as Fort Victoria, Great Zimbabwe (Dzimba Dze mabwe) literally translates to House of Stone. It is a grand cultural heritage site for the nation of Zimbabwe and is where the nation derived its name.

    The ruins boast of ancient architecture and shows the prowess of the minds of the Zimbabweans decades before 'civilisation'.

    This poem sought to act as an ode, an appreciation of the magnificence of our ancestors in constructing this city of ruins as well as cry out on the thefts and former glory that has bedevilled the national monument.

    Inspired by a childhood visit to the city of Masvingo, the writer tried to bring in perspective in this piece.

    Please enjoy and share.

    Comments and suggestions most welcome don't forget to share...