Wednesday, 16 May 2012

A Verse For Harvest

A verse for harvest

 A reason to praise...

 Fruits of an academic voyage 
Against the odds of economic bondage

 All in His name
 Thanks all due
 Faith in Him as promises delivered as true

 A verse for harvest
 A season to change 

To learn to thank God for all strength
Counting life’s blessings 
Harvest celebration

 A verse for harvest 
Believing and faith 
The chance to give back

 Watch as my seed grows
 I am fruitful as my bowl has fruits full
 And multiply my blessings through the multiplication of seeds
 Such as prayer and faith, song and health
Sowing into the ground as waters of hard work continue flowing

 When the grass is green, lash 
And the granary is filled to the bream 
When the ground I tread on is fertile
 And rainfall and sunshine come in adequate amounts 
When the seeds have been planted 
And the harvest is safeguarded
 I will sing a verse for harvest

 I sing it now, I sing it forever more 

A verse for harvest

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