Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Gentle Breeze

Gentle breeze:
Whispering winds;
Tamed gales..

Take me,
Ferry me,
I have spread my wings
To your nature;
My discordant voice sings
To an Island  -

Take me away;
And place me to a piece of land,
Isolated by water,

Take me away;
And place me in a fort of solitude;
Surrounded by memories of Edward and Clarisse;
That cast a smile on my face;
And masks my tears ...

Take me away;
Oh, gentle breeze!!!
To my fort...
Where I draw strength from the beauty of words;
Where my might lies in scribbling scrolls of thoughts
At my experiences costs
Speaking of all those losses that transform me to a formidable force
And impart beliefs I shan't divorce
 In metaphoric courts

Take me away;
You tamed gales
To an island:
Scaled gray -
Shaded in black and white
With waves of water kissing the shores
Gently caressing the soles
Of my feet
My legs immersed in the mud
An emblem of my troubles
Erased by bodies of water that nibble the earth and pull back

Take me to an island
Where a former love
Makes merry with a little child

Take me to an island,
So that when I get there
I will spread my hands out
And arm the caption with a smile

Basking in God's Grace -
And leave a trail of happiness
Take flight in shades;
And keep time on my wrist;
Ask a companion to freeze this moment,
Capture it on a picture and own it.


  1. Beautiful words, so easy to escape into your world :)

    Gentle breeze carry me to the hinterland of my emotions. Transport my soul to wherever the love of my life goes, and let him breathe me in and carry me wherever he is... Deep in his spirit.


    1. Miss Mafela!!! Thank you so much for visiting this piece, please share with others!!!

      Let the gentle breeze set your lover's spirit free